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What is Your $42 million dollars?

Responses are interesting because our opening story in the book is about a bank that misplaced $42 million dollars of real money because of something that happened that we saw and warned them about.

Yet, most of us cannot really relate to missing or losing $42 million dollars. Most of us probably cannot imagine what it looks like to have $42 million dollars. Plus, is that even a significant amount of money for a bank!

So how is the story relevant to those of us in business?

Take the message from what was missing.

“Pin the tail on the donkey is not an effective business growth strategy.” ~Brenda Crompton

The story is about the message hidden in the numbers of your business. The story that is reflected in your own cash flow. It is whether each of us is measuring and accounting for the things that are important in our business.

Which of us is jeopradizing the viability of our business with inattention?

How much is your $42 million dollars?

Do you know the dollar amount that, if you were to find it missing would finally motivate you to take action.?

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