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Tips And Techniques Early Involvement Pilot Pilots Getting Buy

Whatever you are working on, projects, new products, feature enhancements or marketing campaigns, often we have much work to be done before we are ready to launch. And yet there are often ways to engage and involve key stakeholders sooner.

Think about how you could engage them sooner?

With customers you probably already know surveys can be a great way to get feedback about an existing product or service. You can also use surveys to find out what problems a customer is having before you launch a new product, so you can focus on the specific challenges faced by a large segment of your customers.

Dealers or distributors can be surveyed in the same way to get feedback on what is missing in the market or what customers need and want before you invest in new products and services.

Pilot Projects

Pilot Projects are a great way to rapidly gain experience with a new team or client, new technology or new product. It is not intended to solve every problem or be the perfect solution. Pilot projects are intended to be good enough and let everyone learn and help to build a better final solution.

Pilot Projects are common in the Information Technology industry but they can apply almost anywhere. We have had client that we helped to do a conference as a pilot. This experience let them to do a much larger and very successful conference that has become a major event in their industry.

The Pilot Conference by contrast was very problematic. Scheduling challenges, venue problems, insufficient support staff and a host of other mistakes. The pilot was a huge success not because that event went well but because it revealed the areas that could be improved on a smaller scale before the event ran in full.

Equally important was the fact that the conference was a pilot and everyone knew it. They knew there were going to be problems and that it was expected. That was the whole reason for doing it – make the mistakes and learn from them when they are small.

Buy In

With Pilot Projects or when generating Early Involvement it is paving the way for the future. But what about when the transformation has already been done and there is a lack of action or support? What can you do to make the best of it?

In the prior 2 sections the tools were used in advance of the situation at hand. However the same tools can be used after the fact to gain buy in. A survey asking specific questions about what worked and what did not help to draw out feedback and engage people even when the project is done or the product is launched.

Asking for specific feedback begins the process of building identification with project or product regardless of the outcome. Looking for what could be done next time or differently is sometimes enough to turn around a unsatisfactory opinion because most people never seek out opinions and never engage the participants after the fact.

Just asking for opinions says you think their opinions are valuable.


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