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Have a look at the inside of the new book Leaking Money. Each chapter Leaking Money: How Your Business Is Losing Money, Opportunities and Customers, and How To Stop Itbegins with a real story of what happened inside a business. Then, read the lessons learned and questions to ask yourself to contemplate whether something similar could happen in your business.

Foreword by Brian Tracy


Introduction to Leaking Money

Chapter 1 – Forty-Two Million Dollars Lost and Found
How does a business misplace $42 million? How do they explain how it got lost?

Chapter 2 – Meet Your Data
Information is second only to cash in importance in your business, yet businesses are often careless with their data. Are you collecting and using all the information you need?

Chapter 3 – It’s a Numbers World
What story are the numbers in your business telling you? Is it the story you want?

Chapter 4 – The Blind Side of Change
How do you stop a bad implementation from leaking all the value out of a good idea?

Chapter 5 – Hidden in the Depths of Customer Pain
Malice or neglect by one employee should not ruin your business, but it can. What’s stopping it from happening to you?

Chapter 6 – Herding Cats
Is finger pointing destroying value and delaying results? What are you doing to get everyone on the same page and moving in the same direction?

Chapter 7 – Sell to the Right Customer
Does your current marketing strategy attract the right customers?

Chapter 8 – Hurry Up And Wait
Are you willing to stop and realize when you are sabotaging your own success?

Chapter 9 – Acquiring Minds
What are the key objectives when acquiring a company, a product or a partner? What is the impact on the deal if those objectives are not met?

Chapter 10 – Big Solutions, Little Time
How do you foster the creativity required to get a lot of work done in a small amount of time? Can you back it up with the discipline necessary to follow through and get the work done?

Chapter 11 – Big Spend, Big Results
Do you know why customers are leaving and what to do about it?

Chapter 12 – The New Ice Harvesters
What technology are you dependent on and what happens when that changes?

Chapter 13 – How to Get Started
Every business can benefit from conscious action and getting better at what they do. Where do you find a direct source of insight?

Chapter 14 – Self-Assessment Questionnaire
Find out how you rate on the leaking money scale. Are your strategies and capabilities keeping pace with foresight?

Final Thoughts on Leaking Money

Did you know that small- and medium-sized enterprises are responsible for a significant part of the world’s innovations? Don’t miss these opportunities.

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