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Briefing Note One Page Report Template

The number one way that business managers and business owners leak money in their business is they don’t keep track of their decisions. They don’t keep track of the factors to the decision, why the decision was made as it was and so they lose the intellectual property and advantage later of understanding what was done and why.

This causes a loss in the ability to think and analyze objectively about a decision. Instead, people will have the tendency to be emotional and upset if the decision went poorly, or be overly optimistic about the future if the decision went well.

To be successful in business over the long term we need to be able to clearly understand:

  • what specifically went well and why
  • what specifically did not go well and why
  • is there something specific that we could tweek or improve to get better results?

This is where this briefing note template comes in. It is a powerful way to document the decision you are making and why, so it can be filed away until after the results of the decision are known. Then, get it out and evaluate for yourself the three questions above.

Here is the template with an example for your reference.


Subject:        Project Overall Capabilities
The ability of Project to enable Future Goals has been the subject of many discussions and meetings. This briefing note will describe the results to date, and the solution currently under investigation.
Current Project does not support future goals. Modifications to existing Project capabilities to support Goals (known as Project Future) are being managed through the project. Modifications to better handle business functions are being managed through procedures [add details here].

The operations model, under development by the Project, will be comprised of the following:
1.    Existing Project components [add details here]
2.    Re-developed Project components [add details here]
3.    New Project components [add details here]

After thorough investigation, it was determined that a single approach will not support future goals for the operation of the business.
1)    Current capabilities will be engaged to support current operations goals in these ways

a)    Method #1 [add details here]

b)    Method #2 [add details here]

c)    Method #3 [add details here]

2)    Future capabilities will be identified in terms of the following

a)    Business requirements will be identified [add details here]

b)    Additional expertise will be identified [add details here]

c)    Sources of expertise will be identified [add details here]

i) Hire outside expertise to get it done  [add details here]

ii) Acquire expertise ourselves [add details here]

iii) Acquire knowledge with external support to get the job done [add details here]

Prepared by:    NAME, Title, phone


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