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What is Your $42 million dollars?

Responses are interesting because our opening story in the book is about a bank that misplaced $42 million dollars of real money because of something that happened that we saw and warned them about.

Yet, most of us cannot really relate to missing or losing $42 million dollars. Most of us probably cannot imagine what it looks like to have $42 million dollars. Plus, is that even a significant amount of money for a bank!

So how is the story relevant to those of us in business?

Take the message from what was missing.

“Pin the tail on the donkey is not an effective business growth strategy.” ~Brenda Crompton

The story is about the message hidden in the numbers of your business. The story that is reflected in your own cash flow. It is whether each of us is measuring and accounting for the things that are important in our business.

Which of us is jeopradizing the viability of our business with inattention?

How much is your $42 million dollars?

Do you know the dollar amount that, if you were to find it missing would finally motivate you to take action.

Our Passion is to Increase the Success Rate of Businesses

Maybe it sounds silly but we consciously decided to step out from behind the curtain and help businesses on a grand scale. We had the choice to help just one company at a time or help many.

Brenda Crompton and Robert HubbsDid we make the right decision?

When you read the book hopefully you’ll get what we mean about big clients. When a company can not notice $42 million is misplaced then you know they are big enough.

Read the book and discover just some of the ways companies can be overvalued and disguise real problems by the way they talk about key measures.

Gain a whole new perspective on finance and metrics, and why your numbers are so important, especially in Chapter 3 – It’s a Numbers World.

Understand how entire industries can collapse, in a way that is predictable to all that look, in Chapter 12 – The New Ice Harvesters.

Listen to an excerpt of Chapter 1 when you sign-up to our list on the top right.

Leaking money shows up before the boat sinks!

B.C. Ferries leaking $5.5 million

Casual staff likely to face layoffs, up to 400 sailings expected to be slashed

Comments about leaking money, by Leaking Money:

Like all businesses, supply must be matched with demand or else costs are created without the necessary associated revenue. In this case, when ships are sailing empty just because the schedule said they would, this is no longer a business.

Don’t let your business sink because you are paying attention to other things.

Read the news article here:


Blockbuster Foreclosure

In 2009 the video rental business was owned by Blockbuster. Just two years later this company with 60,000 employees and over 5,000 stores is dead.

Blockbuster Canada is closing.Who’s next?

Did you know that the number one cause of failure for existing established business is failure to adapt to the changing external business environment?

It has happened over and over again in our economy. The world is changing and there are people who will hide their head in the sand and work hard to do what they have always done, and to do it ever better than before and they are leaking money.

There is a whole chapter in our bookLeaking Money dedicated to this phenomena.

We don’t even have to know your business and we can say with 99% accuracy that your business, your company that pays your way in life is leaking money. You can choose to do something about it or wait and hopefully still have a job later.


 “Leaking Money” is about…

the need to look at our business in a different way. It is about examining the parts of our business that, if left alone, could stop the business from becoming what it was meant to be. It is about allowing a new business the chance to survive and a mature business the chance to adapt to change.

~excerpt from the book “Leaking Money: How Your Business is Losing Money, Opportunities and Customers and How To Stop It” by Brenda Crompton and Robert Hubbs

Foreword by Brian Tracy

To get ahead, you must break out of your comfort zone. These are words that you have seen before in my books and programs helping businesses with their strategy so they can capitalize on business opportunities and boost their profits. Breaking out of your comfort zone is also a major theme of Leaking Money.

Brian Tracy

~excerpt from the book “Leaking Money: How Your Business Is Losing Money, Opportunities and Customers, and How To Stop It”

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