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Blockbuster Foreclosure

Blockbuster closing signIn 2009 the video rental business was owned by Blockbuster. Just two years later this company with 60,000 employees and over 5,000 stores is dead. Who’s next?

Did you know that the number one cause of failure for existing established business is failure to adapt to the changing external business environment?

It has happened over and over again in our economy. The world is changing and there are people who will hide their head in the sand and work hard to do what they have always done, and to do it ever better than before and they are leaking money.

There is a whole chapter in our book Leaking Money dedicated to this phenomena.

We don’t even have to know your business and we can say with 99% accuracy that your business, your company that pays your way in life is leaking money. You can choose to do something about it or wait and hopefully still have a job later.


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